Shinko CE1 Compact 8″ Photo Booth Event Printer for Rent in Mississauga, Toronto Area

Hello friends, for those of you who need a portable, high speed, high quality printer for your events and need to print on site. I am renting my Shinko CE1 Compact Digital Photo Printer. I am renting it for $150 per day, credit card security deposit of $2500 required.


Shinko Color Stream CE1 Compact 8″ Digital Photo Printer

The Color Stream CE1 from Shinko (Sinfonia) provides lab quality prints instantly! It is perfect for portrait and event photographers on the go. The CE-1 produces high quality 8 x 10 prints in approximately 35 seconds. The use of roll media eliminates paper jams and also reduces the need for maintainance.

Superior Image Quality
Produce the finest quality prints without smearing by taking advantage of the unique thermal control technology.

Rapid and Reliable
Utilizes Shinko’s (Sinfonia) tried and trusted printing technology.

Good combination with CS2 printer by unified operation for the system integration.

Highly Mobile
Light weight, highly-mobile and can be used anywhere. World’s lightest 8 inch dye-sublimation printer at less than 14kg.

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