Red Andal’s Top Wedding Photographers in Canada

This is a list, in no particular order, of wedding photographers in Canada that I admire, I look at their work regularly to find inspiration. I absolutely love their wedding photography and won’t feel bad at all if you hire them against me. I want to be one of the top wedding photographers in Canada one day, (hopefully be in this list) for me to do that, I have to constantly strive to improve. I will put a small description on why I love these Top Canadian Wedding Photographers and links to their work or website. So here you go, my list of THE BEST WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS IN CANADA.

Unique Images – The name speaks for itself, Mark and Jessica comes up with unique images, I would look at their work and ask myself, why did I not think of that? I love how their images show happiness and fun and the colors are vibrant. To check out their unique images, go to their website,

Scott Johnson – Scott Johnson’s work is photojournalistic, artistic and fashion forward, coupled with a great personality, he is one of my favorite wedding photographers in Canada. Have a look at his work at

Dave and Charlotte
– I have been looking at Dave’s work from ever since he was working alone, I like his style very much, if I can describe it in a phrase, maybe I can say “Sophisticated and Classy Lifestyle Wedding Photos” this is what I see when I look at his work in general. I regularly visit his site to admire and look at his latest postings. Recently Dave and Charlotte launch a new site and put their works together, Charlotte’s female perspective and style added more depth into their already outstanding wedding photography services here in Canada. To see what I mean visit the website at

Lori Studios – I saw her work when a co-worker showed me her friends photo gallery, immediately I was impressed with the cleanliness of this studio’s photo, the way they process and color the photos make them standout. Check out the website at

Rowell Photo – This is another couple’s team doing wedding photography in Canada based in Barrie. When I’m looking for inspiration for images with classy and sophistacation, here is where I go

Taylor Jackson – Part of being a great wedding photographer is having great personality and great attitude to back up great images, to me Taylor Jackson is close to being a “Rock Star Photographer” in Toronto, great guy, great work, check it out