Engagement Photography Tips for Couples in Toronto

Engagement photo shoots should be taken seriously but executed in a relaxed manner. Preparation and planning is crucial for great results and a good shooting experience. I encourage couples to work with me in deciding theme, looks and location, makes it more exciting and interactive. It is important that the couple dress and look like they are shooting for a magazine :). Here are a few more engagement photo shoot or e-session tips for couples:

1. Avoid wearing black, white, or patterns. (Black shoes and small accessories like a belt are okay.) Neutrals and bright colours are great.
2. Dress at the same level of formality as your partner and avoid wearing clashing outfits. Coordinate your styles without being too matchy-matchy.
3. Don’t bring loads of bags with you, because you’ll have to cart them around all afternoon.
4. Bring a few photos with you of other engagement shoots that you love or bring some ideas of what types of photos you’d like to take.
5. Be sure that the outfits will match the location of the engagement shoot, say we’re shooting in water, then don’t get up too formal, it will look weird.
6. It helps a lot if you practice posing if you want editorial kind of shots. For lifestyle type, practice acting naturally and being yourselves : ).

The best time to shoot is close to sunset where the light is not to harsh.