AON Photographer’s Insurance Review – Canada

I don’t usually use my time to rant on bad service but recently I’ve been dealing with people who don’t care about their jobs and their business. Who does that? If you don’t care then do something else!

So this story or review I don’t know what to call it, is about my search for a photographers’s business insurance here in Ontario Canada, wow man I tell you they are not easy to find.

So I came across this AON company, I found them on google they are on top spot wow, that’s awesome. It leads to this page if you want to look, so I did the application, gathered all the information, filled out the form, scanned and emailed. This is on the Tuesday, I gave them a call the next day because I was giving them a chance to get back at me. The lady that answered told me I have to call the next day again because she cannot help me, WHAT? ARE YOU SERIOUS?! You come up first on google? Do you know how hard it is to find new business? OMG! Now you tell a prospective client to call back because you don’t know how to help? Another OMG!

So I gave them some time again and called on the friday, same lady that wasn’t able to help me last time, at least she transferred me to the person that’s handling the application. So this one, told me I am on the list of things she’s going to follow up with. OMG! I sent the application 4 days ago, no acknowledgement of receipt, I don’t know if my email was lost in cyber space and if I didn’t call? Another OMG! Is this a typical Canadian customer service attitude? I don’t like it.

Anyway, so she said that the application that is published on their website and the rates that are in there are no longer valid. I would need to fill up another one with about a 50% increase. WHAT? OMG! I wasted 4 days on this! Another OMG!

I was mad at first but now I find it funny. You rank very well on google, customers come to you and you offer crappy service. This is funny.

Now I am back to searching for my insurance.

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