These days of the digital age many brides would just settle for a disc of all the images taken at the wedding day, sure it sounds logical, right? They can do whatever they want with the images, the question is do they know how to do a good job at it and produce prints and albums that will last for generations? In my own personal opinion it is a dis-service to offer wedding couples just coverage and the disc, it’s basically shooting the wedding, handing the disc then goodbye and goodluck. Let me tell you what usually happens at this kind of setup, the couple will receive the disc will be so very happy, they will post all the photos on facebook, print a few photos and the that’s it, the disc will still be a disc long after the wedding, they will never get to it, trust me, this is what happens, not to mention all the guests and family that will be bugging you for their own copy.

For this reason my packages contains prints and books, they are something you can hold and touch and share with family and friends for generations, I want you to able to show something really nice other than a disc.