Who me?

977794_10151755414736177_461358072_oSee that little cute boy? LOL! That was me when I was two. This particular photo is one of the big reasons why I am in photography. I did not come from a wealthy family, we were middle class in a third world country (Philippines) my parents spent money to make sure that me and my siblings had these portraits. Back then it might have cost $10, $15 who knows, now, these portraits of me and my siblings are PRICELESS, I know I know, it’s a cliche but it is true I say.

I am now a Canadian living with my family in Southern Ontario, I like to do photoshoots as a break from my regular wedding and portrait work. I love going with my family to road trips and go fishing whenever I can. I like tennis and biking. I also have a full time job as a web designer in the marketing department for Liftow Ltd.

Please have a look see at my works 🙂

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Who me? August 7, 2013